5 educational complexes and 8 schools will be built in Tavush region

According to the decision of the RA government, 224 million 100 thousand drams will be allocated for the creation of 23 educational institutions, 9 educational complexes and the construction of 14 schools in Tavush and Vayots Dzor regions, as well as for the acquisition of design and budget documents necessary for the construction of schools in the urban areas of Syunik region.

The RA Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports notes that considering a number of factors: availability of school and preschool buildings, number of students, etc., a number of settlements were selected where educational complexes will be formed. The following 5 settlements were selected for the establishment of educational complexes in Tavush region: Lusadzor, Ptghavan, Aghavnavank, Norashen and Voskevan.

According to Zhanna Andreasyan, as a result of the conducted studies, it was decided to build new school buildings for those settlements with a large school population. Those schools in Tavush marz are: H. Malinyan secondary school in Ayrum, Koti secondary school, Bagratashen M. Magulyan secondary school No. 1, Artsvaberd secondary school No. 1, Aygedzor secondary school, Noyemberyan high school No. 1 (a secondary school will be built), Koghb secondary school No. 1 named after J. Karakhanyan, and Sevkar secondary school.