Be the first. Learn about the recorded earthquakes the first

Dear compatriots, we recommend you to download LastQuake application on your mobile phones, which already operates in the Armenian language.

It is connected to the global and RA seismological network, thanks to which, information about the earthquake (epicenter, magnitude, depth, time) appears on the phone at the time of the earthquake.


The application performs an early warning function, but the information about the earthquake is recorded at the very moment of the earthquake,, as the world still lacks a clear mechanism for accurate earthquake prediction, thanks to which it will be possible to predict the place, time, and strength of the earthquake in advance.


1. Open App Store or Play Market.
2. Write LastQuake in the Search.
3. ՆDownload LastQuake application.
4. Register through your Email address.
5. Open the Settings, then, Your account, where you will see language setting button and choose Armenian and save.
6. Share your location to get alerted about the earthquakes recorded near you.
7. If you felt an earthquake, open “I felt an earthquake” where you’ll see 12 pictures that express 12-point earthquake scale. The first picture is equivalent to 1 point, the second picture to 2 points and so on up to 12 points…

Click on the picture that best describes the earthquake you felt.

The one is informed, is protected.