“Bright Koghb – 2023;” the celebrations of Vardavar in the village of Koghb

The brightest and wettest, musical and extreme, artistic and delicious, super active Koghb Vardavar 2023 of the year took place on July 15 and 16. The Vardavar festival organized by Koghb Foundation was about culture, art and craft, tourism, delicious food and good mood. The football field of Koghb village and the surrounding areas were completely transformed into different festival zones: extreme, art, recreation, gastro, music and pavilion.

Students from 22 schools in 19 villages of Noyemberyan community have been collecting plastic containers since May 15, which turned into the best samples of modern art during the festival.

Musical and theater groups of Tavush region performed in the concert part. Nemra band, Sirousho and DJ Pantelis from Greece also performed in the evening. The second day of the festival started early in the morning with traditional Vardavar stories, games, performances, and of course, watering each other.