Small agricultural machinery was provided to the farmers of Ijevan and Berd communities

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations continues to support Armenian families with funding from the European Union. On December 2, small agricultural machinery was provided to the economic entities of 25 settlements of Ijevan and Berd communities of Tavush marz, who are involved in local active groups.Equipment provided includes two-wheel tractors, tillers, rotary mowers, electric sprayers, diesel generators and welding equipment.

The support was provided within the framework of the “Empowerment of local actors for development in Lori and Tavush regions” project, which is financed by the European Union and jointly with the United Nations Development Program. The support is aimed at increasing the resilience of small farmers.

The project is implemented in Tavush and Lori regions as part of the concept of community-led local development and aims to actively involve local authorities and the population in development processes by creating infrastructures supporting local development and improving the capacities of relevant ministries and agencies.