Historical evidence of earthquakes in Armenia

People started to get ready for earthquakes. We should have learned the lessons of the Spitak earthquake first; we should have been the most attentive students because no earthquake has been studied so well and deeply as ours.

The Spitak earthquake wasn’t the first one in the history of Armenia. Thousands of years ago, stronger earthquakes were recorded even in the same place. And there is a rule of seismology according to which earthquakes repeat where strong seismic events have already been recorded. And that’s why historical evidence is very significant in earthquake predictions. Their study makes it possible to obtain the statistics of strong earthquakes, determine the recurrence frequency, and predict possible seismic events to be expected.

Armenia is also located in one of the seismically active zones. For example, the Spitak earthquake was not a random phenomenon at all. Unfortunately, it was only after the earthquake that the hearth was studied and it was found that strong earthquakes had already occurred in the same place in the past. 10-point tremors occurred here even 24, 20, and 17 thousand years ago.

There are various methods of determining the place, strength, and time of an earthquake, based on geological traces on the earth’s surface, the degree and types of the collapse of buildings and structures, and, of course, written testimonies of eyewitnesses. Armenia, as an ancient country with its early bibliography and developed culture, provides rich material for the development of seismology.

Historical facts prove that earthquakes take thousands of lives. However, studies show that it is possible to find salvation even during the strongest earthquake by maintaining balance and following certain rules.

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