The group exhibition entitled “For You” was opened at the Koghb School of Fine Arts

“For you,” this is the title of the group exhibition opened on March 20 in Koghb, where the works of a number of artists are presented.

The title of the exhibition at the Koghb School of Fine Arts, “For You”, is chosen so that every visitor finds in the presented works and environment what is close to his/her soul: colors, preferences, mood.

The exhibition will be open for 20 days, so hurry up to visit.

Tavush Media reporter, Hranush Ananyan, tells the details of the opening ceremony.

Let’s love and study our art of music. Reporting event of Ijevan Music Secondary School

On June 7, the reporting concert event of Ijevan Music Secondary School for the 2021-2022 academic year took place.

National, folk, and patriotic songs and music performed by students and teachers were played during the event.

Musical details are presented by our Tavush reportage. 

“Zulali” returned to Tavush. Tavush screening of the film in Berd

Two significant cultural events took place on May 1 in Berd, Tavush. After a long pause, the “Arevaberd” cinema again opened its doors. The reopening of the cinema was announced with the Tavush screening of the “Zulali” film.

Prose writer Narine Abgaryan and director, producer Hayk Ordyan were honored to cut the red ribbon announcing the reopening of the “Arevaberd” cinema. 

According to Narine Abgaryan, the author of “The Zulali” novel, such events should be repeated often, especially in the border area: “I was present at the premiere, both in Yerevan and in Berd. Both there, and here, I was very excited because the words and criticism of a compatriot are always important for every artist.”

“The fact that “Zulai” has already been shown in Berd is a very important point in my life, after which I should work and create differently… Cinema should finally enter Tavush, and cinema should reach the people of Tavush. The assessments that I should hear from the people of Tavush are very important for me as a creative person,” this is how the director of the film, Hayk Ordyan speaks about his impressions from the Tavush screening of the film.  

The shooting of the “Zulali” film started in 2019; however, the film has gone through a very difficult and long way, overcoming the epidemic, financial difficulties, and the war.

The film is not very different from the movie. Dialect conversations have been preserved. All the shootings were carried out in Navur and Aygedzor villages of Tavush. The film shows the manners of the villagers and how warm and honest neighbors and relationships with them change everyone’s reality. 

The film stars Hermine Stepanyan, Marine Petrosyan, and Artyom Meliqyan. 

“In fact, we were waiting for the premiere in Berd more than for the screening of Yerevan because all the feelings we had during the filming in Berd and the great help we got from all the people of Berd was simply indescribable. And we wanted somehow to thank for that; this screening was just a small part of that gratitude. So, I congratulate us for having such an opportunity to show our favorite “Zulali” in Berd,” says Zulali’s actress Hermine Stepanyan. 

Exhibition of Art Projects. The students of Dilijan Central School presented the results of the project training

Dilijan Geological Museum was crowded on April 26. Dilijan Central School organized an Exhibition of Art projects. The works created by the students during the classes of fine arts taught at Central School were presented at the exhibition.

Design project teacher at Dilijan Central School Hasmik Soghomonyan says, “For two years now, our school has been conducting project-based learning, and in the case of art subjects, children should choose which subject they want to study. I think it is a wonderful opportunity for free choice, and it can also be used for their professional orientation in the future.”

The students chose the version of the design work, then the topic, and created within that framework. Both people from Dilijan and foreign guests were present at the exhibition. 

Art design enables the students to express themselves and create through art, discovering their talents.

The director of Dilijan Central School, Naira Daluzyan, presented the one-year process of reaching this exhibition, “In September, we offered children five different branches of art and children themselves chose which branch of art they want to do this year. The groups were recruited from 7th, 8th, and 9th-grade students. The condition was that all the students should choose a branch of art. They have been working for two years and today is the exhibition of their works: we have performance arts, music, as well as fine arts and design.”

From the studio to the exhibition. An exhibition dedicated to the Motherhood and Beauty Day in YSU IB

From the studio to the exhibition. The exhibition of the students’ works dedicated to Motherhood and Beauty Day took place on April 7, YSU IB Faculty of Applied Arts.

“The exhibited 124 works are all dedicated n to Women, Mothers, and girls.” The exhibition featured a variety of artworks: graphic works, decorative works of applied art, and portraits.

The details: in our Tavush Reportages.