Interview with doctors from France

Since 2020, French doctors have been visiting Armenia and Artsakh in different phases. These days, the groups of doctors are in Tavush and visit the border villages of the region to support the medical personnel.

Levon Khachatryan, a French-Armenian doctor, and Armine Nadiryan, a cardiologist-surgeon, are at the Tavush TV pavilion.

Ernest Khanumyan talked with the doctors about the needs of the health sector of the border villages, the problems of the population and the activities of volunteer doctors.

The ARCS continues to respond to the humanitarian needs of children housed in Goris guesthouses because of the situation around the Lachin Corridor since December 12.

As a result of the situation around the Lachin Corridor since December 12, the Armenian Red Cross Society has responded to the humanitarian needs of around 50 children housed in 8 guest houses in the city of Goris, Syunik Marz, in cooperation with the Syunik Administrative Center and Goris Community Hall.

First-aid classes, sand therapy sessions, a visit to Goris Art School, Ghapama preparation, and a tea party were also organized for the children.

Psychologists of the Armenian Red Cross Society and specially trained volunteers work with children according to the International Red Cross Model of Children’s Resilience, organizing special group activities that include conversations, reading, interactive games, and transfer of stress management skills, which contributes to stress relief and providing daily entertainment.

The ARCS is working closely with the Syunik Regional Administrative Center to organize a further response based on a strict need.