The third “Mardigyan Olympics” was held in Berd community

On the initiative of the Fund for Armenian Relief, an inter-school sports tournament was held with the participation of about 80 students of 10-12th grades from 16 secondary and high schools of the Berd community, dedicated to the Mardigyan family.

Mardigyan Olympics are held in Berd region for the third time. The purpose of the competitions is to form a healthy lifestyle among young people, a fair competitive atmosphere among schoolchildren, as well as new networking and friendships, teamwork, and team belonging.

According to the team evaluation, the first honorable position was taken by Artsvaberd secondary school; the second and third positions were taken by Berd High School and Aygedzor secondary school.

The students who took the best 3 places were awarded medals, certificates, and gifts, and the referees with letters of thanks and gifts. Berd High School was awarded a certificate of appreciation for cooperation and support in organizing sports games.

RTA on Berd-Ijevan roadway

On April 10 at 17:04, an emergency call was received to Tavush Regional Crisis Management Center that a car accident had occurred in the village of Vazashen; the rescuers’ help is needed.

One fire unit from the Fire and Rescue Squad of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RA dispatched to the scene.

It turned out that on the 30th km of Ijevan-Noyemberyan roadway, Opel Zafira (driver: V. U., born in 1981) left the road lane and rolled about 600 meters into the nearby valley.

The driver received appropriate medical assistance on the spot from the emergency workers.

The rescuers disconnected the automotive battery of the car, and pulled the car out of the valley with the help of special equipment.


A series of women’s empowerment trainings in the Berd community

The women’s month is the best time to start our women’s Academy through the hybrid courses and mentorship of business management, tourism, agriculture. The graduates of the Academy will have the opportunity to receive grants to realize their creative ideas!.
The Berd Women’s Academy is aimed at the economic empowerment of the women of Berd community, so to become a member, write to our page or call us through 999051585 phone number/WhatsApp. Deadline for the registration. is March 20.
***Project is supported by Finland in South Caucasus, implemented by the Berd Women’s Resource Center Foundation (BWRCF).

An event dedicated to the works of Albert Papyan

On February 19, the day of donating a book, an event dedicated to the works of Albert Papyan is initiated at the community culture house of Berd.

Those who wish can join by contacting the Berd House of Culture in advance.


On January 21, a meeting was held with Emergency Channel Information NGO, Tavush Media and representatives of political society, local and state institutions operating in Berd community

Regional meetings are held within the framework of the “Moral and Psychological Resistant Tavush” project implemented by Emergency Channel Information NGO and Tavush Media. On January 21, a meeting was held with Emergency Channel Information NGO, Tavush Media and representatives of political society, local and state institutions operating in Berd community.

The purpose of the meeting was to highlight the main problems and needs of vulnerable groups with state, international, private and non-governmental organizations providing support to vulnerable groups of the population. At the beginning of the meeting, Nikolay Grigoryan, chairman of the Board of Tavush Media and Emergency Channel Information NGO, welcomed the attendees and spoke about the importance of the project. The representatives of the public institutions presented their activities, talked about the work done and to be done.  The main problems and needs of vulnerable groups were also highlighted at the meeting.

The attendees also shared their observations and recommendations regarding the activities of Tavush TV.

The purpose of the “Moral and Psychological Resilient Tavush” program is to raise awareness of the organizations supporting the victims of the 2020 war and Covid-19, their activities, and target groups in Tavush region. Meetings will also be held with state, international, private, and non-governmental organizations. Meetings will be held in all the communities of Tavush region.

The “Moral and Psychological Resilient Tavush” program is implemented within the framework of the “Striving for a better future. communities and civil society resilience in Armenia” program, co-financed by the European Union and implemented by NEF Belgium in partnership with “AGATE” Rights Defense Center for Women with Disabilities NGO, “Blejan” Ecological, Social, Business Support NGO, “YCCD” Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan NGO, and Women’s Development Resource Center Foundation.

The taste of Tavush. New Year hustle and bustle

Gohar Kosakyan presents New Year hustle and bustle with sweet words and talks.

Grant application for the implementation of local development initiatives in the settlements of Berd community

Within the framework of EU Local Empowerment of Actors for Development in Lori and Tavush Regions program, “Tsili Tsov” LAG (local active group) invites to submit an application for a grant competition for implementation of local development initiatives in Tavush, Aygepar, Nerkin Karmiraghbyur, Verin Karmiraghbyur, Norashen, Movses, Choratan, Artsvaberd, Aygedzor, Chinari settlements of Berd community

Financial support will be provided to civil society, business and public sector representatives registered and/or actually operating in the above-mentioned settlements in order to implement development initiatives.

Click on the link below to apply:

The HRD Representatives visited Berd

All over the world, December 10 is celebrated as International Human Rights Day. The celebration of that day is associated with the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations. On December 10, HRD representatives held a reception for citizens in Berd community hall.

The citizens received the necessary advice on the spot and submitted applications to the Defender.

It should also be noted that on the initiative of the Human Rights Defender, visits and receptions of citizens were organized in all the regions of RA on December 10, on the International Day of Human Rights Protection.

Small agricultural machinery was provided to the farmers of Ijevan and Berd communities

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations continues to support Armenian families with funding from the European Union. On December 2, small agricultural machinery was provided to the economic entities of 25 settlements of Ijevan and Berd communities of Tavush marz, who are involved in local active groups.Equipment provided includes two-wheel tractors, tillers, rotary mowers, electric sprayers, diesel generators and welding equipment.

The support was provided within the framework of the “Empowerment of local actors for development in Lori and Tavush regions” project, which is financed by the European Union and jointly with the United Nations Development Program. The support is aimed at increasing the resilience of small farmers.

The project is implemented in Tavush and Lori regions as part of the concept of community-led local development and aims to actively involve local authorities and the population in development processes by creating infrastructures supporting local development and improving the capacities of relevant ministries and agencies.

The car fell into the valley. There was a victim

On November 25, at 20:53, the regional crisis management center of Tavush was alerted that an accident had occurred on the Gandzakar-Berd highway, and the car fell into the valley.

One combat unit from the fire-rescue squad of the Regional Rescue Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations went to the scene of the incident.

It was found that near the 10th km of the Gandzakar-Berd highway, the “Gaz-66” truck (driver: N.M., born in 1968) left the roadway and rolled about 800 meters into the nearby valley; the driver died on the spot.

The rescuers cut off the power to the car and took N. M.’s body out of the valley on a stretcher (about 1 km) and brought closer to the vehicle.