Arsen Ghaytmazyan, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Dilijan department, was detained for 2 months. Prosecution

Arsen Ghaytmazyan, head of the criminal investigation department of the Dilijan department of the Ministry of  Internal Affairs, was detained for 2 months.

Yesterday A. Ghaytmazyan was arrested.

He was charged under Article 196, Part 2, Clause 3 of the Criminal Code (causing severe physical pain or severe mental suffering to a minor).

Reminder: He beat a 16-year-old minor in the “Hagharstin” Restaurant Complex.

RTA with fire. there are casualties

On March 17, at 21:53, an emergency call was received to Tavush Regional Crisis Management Center that a car was burning on Dilijan-Ijevan road.

One fire unit from the Fire and Rescue Squad of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RA dispatched to the scene.

It turned out that on the 7th km of Dilijav-Ijevan road, Mercedes-Benz (driver A. A. born in 1995) collided with the rock torn from a cliff and burnt.

Before the rescuers arrived at the scene, the driver and the passengers L. D. (born in 1979), H. I. (born in 1973), and G. I. (born in 1998) were taken to Dilijan Medical Center by local forces, where the doctors assessed their health condition as satisfactory.

The fire was localized at 21:53 and extinguished at 22։11. The engine part and salon of the car were burnt.

The rescuers the gas valve of the car, and removed the stone from the roadway.

The final presentation of Dilijan City Park development program

The final presentation of the Dilijan City Park project for renovation and development was held. The meeting took place in the format of an open discussion with residents and guests of the city of different professions and age groups. The opinions and ideas of the participants received during the presentation will be taken into account while finalizing the final concept.

Dilijan City Park is the main city’s green public space. At the moment, the park does not meet modern standards of improvement. In 2022, within the Dilijan Comprehensive Development Program Impulse Management Company and Project Group 8 architects team initiated a park renovation project.

This is the first project in Armenia using the participatory design method, where, in addition to architects, sociologists, anthropologists, dendrologists, water engineers and other specialists, local residents are involved in the development of the project.

During the preparation for the project, the team of architects, in partnership with the Socies sociological center and urban media, conducted 32 express interviews with park visitors, 29 personal and group interviews with citizens, 12 focus groups, and 3 city-wide discussions. 267 questionnaires from citizens were collected regarding their opinions and requests. In total, more than 600 people took part in the work on the park development concept.

The study of park users and their needs in the framework of the scoping study identified five main requests from the residents of Dilijan, which were reflected in the project:

  1. The park should work in any weather (sheds from the rain, comfortable paths, and infrastructure for winter recreation are needed).
  2. The park needs areas for creativity and study.
  3. The park lacks conditions for interaction with water (piers and boats, an open embankment, and regulated fishing).
  4. The park should create points of contact between the city and the forest (outputs to hiking trails, connection with Dilijan National Park).
  5. The park is a visiting card and image of Dilijan (a reflection of the culture, history, identity of the city).

The park improvement project will be launched in stages and will consist of:

– development of an artificial lake zone, where it is planned to create public spaces and infrastructure for the use of water resources;

– the area near the old hotel, which is designed to become the main event platform for mass cultural events;

– improvement of the embankment and the central avenue;

– creating an event field with areas for outdoor work, picnics, and chamber events;

– expansion and renovation of the existing playground;

– improving the existing sports infrastructure and launching new facilities for outdoor and indoor sports.

The full program for the renovation and development of Dilijan city park, sociological research, the results of city discussions, as well as a feedback form for ideas and suggestions are available on the official website of the project.

The project initiators are Impulse management company and Dilijan city park team, the project developer is Project Group 8 team, the media partner is

Free confectionery course in Dilijan

As part of the “Workforce Development in Armenia” program, the Fund for Armenian Relief announces a free “Confectionery” course, which will be implemented in cooperation with Dilijan State College.

Who can participate:

Young people aged 15-29 from Dilijan and neighboring settlements who are engaged in confectionery or intend to work in that field.

  • The start on February 15, 2023
  • Duration: one month
  • Participation is free
  • Location: Dilijan, Dilijan State College
  • Format: Classroom

You can apply for the program with the following link

Water supply interruptions in Dilijan

Veolia our company informs that from January 27 to March there may be water supply interruptions, due to a sharp decrease in the amount of water, in Dilijan, Tavush.

The representatives of the Tourism Committee of the ME of the Republic of Armenia will visit Tavush region on January 24, 2023

Within the framework of the visit, a meeting with the representatives of the private sector of tourism in the region will take place at 15:00 in the Dilijan Municipality.

During the meeting, the main functions of the tourism committee will be presented; and opportunities and challenges related to the development of tourism in the region will be discussed.

To participate in the meeting and for more details, you can contact the following phone number +374 11 597 293.

The 14th ArmRobotics Armenian Championship was held in Dilijan

The 14th ArmRobotics Armenian Championship, named “Autonomous robots on a smart farm,” started on December 11 at Dilijan Central School. Since 2008, ArmRobotics has been organized by the Union of Advanced Technologies Enterprises in Armenia. ArmRobotics competition is an extraordinary platform to demonstrate the skills, abilities, and knowledge of the youth engaged in robotics and programming.

The competition field is a small agro-technological farm, where the robots created by the teams must solve professional problems using pre-programmed automatic solutions.

Teams from all the regions of Armenia, including Artsakh, participated in ArmRobotics-2022. Students of “Armat” engineering workshops, “Gyumri” development laboratory, and Yerevan State College of Informatics were involved in the teams.

The competition was sponsored by RA ESCS and ACBA Bank. The partners of the competition are the ZIG-ZAG trade network, the National Agrarian University of Armenia, and Dilijan Central School.

Dilijan Children’s Art School named after Hovhannes Sharambeyan summed up the past academic year

Dilijan Children’s Art School summed up the past academic year. On July 4, the school’s final concert for the 2021-2022 academic year was held in Dilijan Culture House.

Dilijan Children’s Art School, named after Hovahnnes Sharambeyan, has expanded its activities in recent years, covering the rural areas of the enlarged Dilijan community. About 120 school children are included in the groups created in the rural areas.

The international conference “Partnership for rural prosperity in Armenia” was held in Tavush

On July 10, the “Partnership for rural prosperity in Armenia” international event with LEADER / Community-led local development methodology was launched in Dilijan. It was organized within the framework of the “Local Empowerment of Actors for Development in Lori and Tavush regions” program implemented with EU funding, in cooperation with the RA Ministries of Economy and Territorial Administration and Infrastructure.

Newly created “Local active groups” formed within the framework of the program participated in the event, presenting their local products.

The purpose of the event is to officially announce the signing of the partnership agreement about the five newly established local active groups: “Tashir +,” “Lorva Dzor,” “GanDzor,” “Aghstev Valley,” and “Tsili Tsov,” which were created within the framework of “EU Local Empowerment of Actors for Development in Lori and Tavush regions” based on LEADER / Community-led local development methodology, following the principles of territorial inclusive development and with the partnership of local public and private sector and civil society representatives.

The event was also a platform for donors, international and local partners, EU, and experts on “LEADER” rural development methodology and project implementing partners to present the project progress and next steps, panel discussions, experience exchange, and networking.

Tavush Poetry: “I’ll be, You’ll be, and We’ll be filled up” by Hrant Ghazumyan

Author Hrant Ghazumyan’s poem in Tavush dialect. The author reads. Footage of the video shows Dilijan.