Look and see. The Chronicles of Narnia

The analysis of the Chronicles of Narnia.

The parents send the four children from London to the village, to a friend of the family’s old professor. In his house, the children discover a mysterious wardrobe through which they find themselves in the fairy tale land of Narnia, where fantastic people, animals and creatures live.

Turns out that this peaceful country is under the control of an evil Witch, because of which there is eternal winter. The children must help King Aslan (the great lion who founded Narnia centuries ago) defeat the witch, break the spell and free the people of Narnia…

Look and see. Underground

Today  we present you the analysis of Emir Kusturica`s movie: Underground.

During the Second World War, underground anti-fascists in Belgrade organized an entire weapons factory. The war ended a long time ago, but they continue operating. Years pass, life goes on above, and children are born underground who have never seen the light of the sun.

Look and see. Gold

This time we present the analysis of the movie “Gold.”

A bailiff is suing the Bragin family for their missing brother’s card debts. For calculations: two months. Or Gordei, as the debtor’s brother, awaits arrest and prison. The only way out is to leave everything and run. The gold mine saves everyone.