Environmental business ideas competition

“Dilijan Youth Cooperation Center” NGO has announced a competition of ideas on the environmental theme among families for the Yenokavan and Sevkar communities within the framework of the “Support for the Creation of Ecological Corridors” program in Armenia.

Ideas should be about how to improve the living conditions of rural families in a sustainable way without harming the environment.

Three main competition places are defined:

1․՝200,000 AMD

2․ 150,000 AMD

3․ 100,000  AMD

Applications must be submitted online or in paper (print) form.


The application should be sent to ararat.alikhanyan@yccd.am. 

The printed (paper) versions need to be completed (handwritten) and submitted to the municipality in a closed envelope, indicating the applicant’s name and contact information.

The deadline: June 15

For more details you can contact Ararat Alikanyan 091727941,093316748; email: ararat.alikhanyan@yccd.am

This competition is carried out by the “World Wide Fund for Nature” Armenian office within the framework of the “Implementation of a participatory financial approach for socio-economic development in Armenia” component of the “Promotion of Ecocorridors in the South Caucasus – II” program. The project is implemented in Tavush region with the partnership of “Dilijan Youth Cooperation Center” NGO.

“Paper is not waste” an environmental campaign on the initiative of Innovation Knowledge Hub Tavush

Innovation Knowledge Hub Tavush has launched an environmental campaign aimed at paper recycling, within the framework of which meetings and trainings were organized in public and secondary professional educational institutions of Ijevan. During the meetings, paper recycling technology was introduced to the youth to spread the paper recycling culture and try to reduce the amount of paper waste.

During the “Paper is not waste” environmental campaign, the importance of paper recycling and the expected results were also discussed.

The “Paper is not waste” environmental campaign was implemented within the framework of the project “Development of the Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Border Regions for Green Progress” implemented with the support of the European Union, which is implemented by the “Green Lane” NGO in Armenia.

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The program of creating ecological corridors and sustainable development in Tavush region is launching

The program for the formation and sustainable development of ecological corridors is starting in Tavush region. On November 10, the first meeting of the regional working group on “Implementation of a participatory financial approach for the socio-economic development of Tavush” was held in Ijevan, which was attended by the representatives of the Caucasus Program Office of the World Wide Fund for Nature, Ijevan and Dilijan municipal governments, Tavush regional administration, and “Dilijan” national park. , administrative heads of settlements, regional organizations, school principals, and field experts.

During the meeting, the “Participatory Financial Approach” tool of the program was also presented. The regional working group’s activity and road map for convening meetings and the involvement of the members of the commissions evaluating the program competitions were discussed.

The partner for the implementation of the first component of the project is the “Dilijan Youth Cooperation Center” NGO. The program provides long-term financial resources for the management of community-based natural resources in ecological environments, improving the socio-economic situation of communities.

An environmental campaign by Tavush Knowledge Innovation Hub: International Forest Day

Considering the importance of the connection with nature and a responsible attitude towards the natural environment around us, Tavush Knowledge Innovation Hub carried out an environmental campaign.

“This is necessary for both nature and us; the contribution of each of us can have a great impact on the whole world.”

Within the framework of the campaign, several events were organized in the cooperation with Dilijan National Park:

  • Nature conversation courses,
  • Tours in specially protected areas,
  • Tree planting in the National Park, during which more than 50 seedlings were planted.

Knowledge Innovation Hubs were created by the EU-supported EU4Youth Development of Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in border areas for green progress in Tavush, Shirak, and Lori regions implemented by CENN, Green Lane NGO. The project aimed to promote the entrepreneurial potential of young people, social entrepreneurship, as well as the development of green innovations.