On July 20, the three-day cultural festival”We Are Our Mountains” will be launched in Ijevan

A three-day cultural festival-event is planned in Ijevan ahead of Vardavar. With a creative approach and economic motivations, the community celebration will include the city of Ijevan and the settlements of Khashtarak, Achajur, Berkaber.

Ernest Khanumyan spoke with Lilit Ghalumyan, head of the Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Department of the Ijevan municipality, about the goals, process and many other details of the cultural event. 

On July 20, everyone is invited to Ijevan to take part in the three-day festival and enjoy the cultural celebrations.

Warning sirens to be tested in the settlement of Khashtarak

The Rescue service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs informs that on May 10, an exercise will be held in the Khashtarak settlement of the Ijevan community of the Tavush region on the topic of “Organizing population alert, sheltering and evacuation in case of an air alarm signal”, during which an electric horn will be activated at 10:00-15:00.

The investigation of the case of violence against young children by relatives in the village of Khashtarak, resulting in the death of one of the children, has been completed.

In the Tavush Marz Investigation Department of the RA Investigative Committee, the case of causing severe physical pain and severe mental suffering to little children living with them, as well as causing serious body harm, was completed by SH and his daughter MH, a resident of Khashtarak community. as a result, the preliminary investigation of the criminal proceedings in the case of causing the death of one of them by negligence.

On August 18, 2020 the investigation of the criminal case initiated in the Tavush Regional Investigation Department of the RA Investigative Committee confirmed that on August 16, 2020 at around 2:00 p.m., in the house he owns in the Khashtarak community of Tavush region, as his grandson bothered him, S.H. hit his 6-year-old grandson on the face with his hand, as a result of which he fell on the floor, hit his head on the couch, getting life-threatening serious body injuries. On August 25, 2020, the 6-year-old child died of body injuries in the “Holy Astvamayr” medical center.

Moreover, on the same day, in the evening, in the garden of their private house, because of throwing a tire at him, the man hit the other grandson, a 4-year-old child at the time of the incident, with a stick several times on different parts of his body, then lifted him up and threw him to the floor, injuring the latter’s health, causing moderate damage.

It was also found out that the man and his daughter, who is the mother of 4 children, and the aunt of two, during their joint residence in their private house, until August 16, 2020, repeatedly, on different domestic occasions, they deliberately hit 6 minors with hands, feet, sticks and other objects on different parts of their bodies, causing moderate and severe physical injuries, as well as severe mental suffering.

At the initial stage, detention was chosen as a preventive measure against them, which was later replaced by a ban on absence.

In January, the body implementing the proceedings made a decision to apply a special protective measure to 5 minor children, “restriction of approaching the protected person or communicating with them”, and one copy of the decision was sent to the director of the Ijevan branch of the “SOS Children’s Villages.”

The preliminary investigation has been completed and the materials of the criminal proceedings, with the indictment, have been sent to the supervising prosecutor.

Note: Everyone charged with a criminal offence shall be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a manner prescribed by the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Armenia and found guilty by a court decision that has entered into legal force.

Fire in Khashtarak village (updated)

The fire was localized at 14:00 and extinguished at 14:11. The roof of the barn (about 15 square meters).


On JMarch 2, at 13:30 an emergency call was received to Tavush Regional Crisis Management Center that barn had been on fire in Khashtarak village.

Two fire units from the Fire and Rescue Squad of Regional Rescue Department of the Rescue Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RA dispatched to the scene.


Independence Day. Liturgy in St. Davit church in Khashtarak

On September 21, Father Abel Kartashyan, the spiritual pastor of Ijevan, performed a liturgy on the occasion of Independence Day in St. Davit church.

You can see Father Abel’s complete sermon in our video.

A handful of sweet Tavush

Considering the peculiarities of the dialect of Tavush region, we want to warn that to understand the whole meaning of the expressions used in the video and the below-mentioned text, you need to get acquainted with the culture of Tavush.

This time we will start the program ”Our dialect and customs” with a national dance. Then, we’ll go to Hovk to have a sweet talk with Mrs. Anna by the hot bakery, we will also go to Khashtarak, as well as we will manage to speak about the wedding ceremonies of Tavush.

Old and new weddings, the duration of the wedding, the expenses, the gifts, the sense and non-sense seasoned with the brief outlines of ethnography and traditions. In short, we have also thoroughly studied the weddings of Tavush.


The Deputy Minister of ESCS Zhanna Andreasyan paid a working visit to Tavush region

The main substantive change in the field of comprehensive education in 2021 was the approval and testing of a new standard of comprehensive education in the schools of Tavush region.

On February 2, Zhanna Andreasyan, the Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of RA, paid a working visit to Tavush region: “Today we are here to see how the process of introducing new subject standards takes place in schools, what problems, issues, points there are, that need to be amended, because it’s important for us that the tests are effective, and as a result, we can really get the best standard.”

The first stop of the Deputy Minister was at Khashtarak. Secondary School. Accompanied by the school principal, the Deputy Minister, Arsen Baghdasaryan, the Head of the Department of Comprehensive Education of the Ministry of ESCS, and Artashes Torosyan, Executive Director of the “National Center for Education Development and Innovation” Foundation, got acquainted with the process of application of the state standard of comprehensive education and answered the teachers’ and students’ questions. The Deputy Minister also visited Lusadzor Basic School, toured the classrooms, got acquainted with the educational process.

The visit ended at Ijevan Basic School N1, where a session of the pedagogical council took place. The Deputy Minister summed up the visit to the region in Tavush regional administration, with a meeting with the regional governor Hayk Ghalumyan.

According to Ms. Andreasyan especially the meetings with the teachers “were very important and they were meaningful discussions, where the good was talked about well, but the issues were also pointed out, very specific observations were made.”

It should be reminded that the new subject standards and programs have been introduced for experimental purposes in the 2nd, 5th, 7th and 10th grades of the state secondary schools of Tavush region. Subject standards have passed the stage of public and professional discussions with teaching communities and professionals of the field.