Wine is proud, stubborn, and honest. The wine of Koghb

Wine is proud, stubborn, and honest; sometimes too bold, and the wines of Koghb are brave and unbreakable. Gagik Aghababyan, who has almost 40 years of winemaking experience in the border village of Noyemberyan region, is attracted not only by his love for this drink but also, most importantly, by his boundless love and faith in the Motherland and its strong and independent future.

“Kanch Gyugh”(Call to the Village) enterprise presents the wines of Koghb. The goal of creating wines made from endemic grape varieties is also their preservation and development. Gagik Aghababyan, the author of the “Kanch Gyugh”(Call to the Village) brand, says that he became a winemaker at the age of 5 when he tasted wine for the first time in the wine factory of Berdavan village. Having worked for many years in factories in Ijevan, Berdavan, and abroad, he thought that he should have his own factory in order to implement all his ideas.

Recently, the Koghba Wines Winery was also opened. The winery is unique because the customer can taste wine and only then buy it.

They are also going to export the wines to Europe and Russia. Recently, they have created black brandy, which is the first one in Armenia.

In the “Kanch Village” enterprise, they are confident that the extraordinary nature of Armenia, full of incredible history and beautiful traditions, can create only magical wine. They prove by their work that they are not the past of winemaking in our country but the future.

The Heroes. Sargis Avagyan and Monica Mosinyan tell

Almost a month ago, on November 11, the engagement of Sargis Avagyan, a participant in the 44-day war, took place in Koghb village of Tavush region.

Our team of “Our Heroes” program talked with Sargis and his fiancee, Monica.

The youn couple tells about the war, their emotions, expectations and always winning love.

The presentation of Gor Karapetyan’s book “The Hidden Side of Success” in Koghb

On November 12, the presentation of Gor Karapetyan’s book “The Hidden Side of Success” was held at Koghb Art School. At the presentation, the author told about his experience and presented the book.

The book is about personal growth and professional orientation. The book includes stories from the author’s life, scientific data, online tools, interactive materials, practical advice, many quotes, and methods drawn from global best practices.

At the end of the presentation, the attendees got the book with the author’s inscription.

Maestro Mansuryan in border Koghb. The music school of the village was named after the great composer

With the initiative of the Koghb Foundation, and by the decision of the Noyemberyan community council, on May 1, Koghb Music School was named after the great composer Tigran Mansuryan.

Maestro Manustyan was present at the nomination ceremony. During the event, the students of the school presented Tigran Mansuryan’s biography and the way he passed. 

At the end of the event, Koghb Foundation awarded a number of grants and scholarships to the teachers and students of Koghb public and music schools for the success and achievements of the first quarter of 2022. 

The nomination ceremony ended with the announcement of the Koghb Foundation announcing the annual Tigran Mansuryan Music Award.

The teachers and students of the renovated, furnished, equipped with new musical instruments and already named after Tigran Mansuryan will continue their work and education with greater responsibility. 

“Koghb” digital studio launches. Interview with the project manager

The “Koghb” foundation, in coordination with the Koghb school of Fine Arts, has launched a new pilot project, the “Koghb” digital studio.

The project manager and coordinator Artur Aghababyan and the project coordinator of “Koghb” foundation Lusine Danukhyan are in Tavush studio, and we are talking about the new pilot project.

Within the framework of the project, 10 applicants who passed the admission stage; from Noyemberyan, Tavush; will study 3D modeling for free for 9 months. 3-4 months after the start of the project, the participants will register on freelance platforms and will start working in an artificial environment, receiving orders, carrying them out, and earning corresponding money. At the end of the project, the participants will get the skills for working remotely on freelance platforms, and they will have their own pages with the relevant portfolios.

The aim of the project is that at least 40% of the participants will be able to earn at least 100.000 AMD per month 9 months later.

All the people interested can apply by filling out the relevant application. 10 of the applicants will pass the admission stage and will be involved in the pilot project. The others can participate in the trainings with their own computers as free listeners. The applicants should have minimal computer skills (MS Word, Excel, PPT), minimal English communication skills, high motivation to learn, and work discipline.

You can apply following the link