Fire in Sarigyugh village

On January 6, at 23:05 an emergency call was received to Tavush Regional Crisis Management Center that barn had been on fire in Sarigyush village.

Two fire units from the Fire and Rescue Squad of Regional Rescue Department of the Rescue Service of the MES of RA dispatched to the scene.

The fire was localized on January 7, at 00։00 and extinguished at 01։05. The roof of the barn (about 50 square meters) and about 60 bales of hay on the roof were burnt.

From ordinary to unique. Edita Ellaryan’s business in border Sarigiugh

3 years ago, 15-year-old Edita took part in a business planning course and then thought that she could have her own business. Now 18-year-old Edita Ellaryan from Sarigiugh has her own business. she paints on canvas, giving life to her ideas and, earns money by selling her handiwork.

She did the first work on her clothes, then, being satisfied with the result, she started accepting orders. She also sings while working, conveying a positive mood to her customers.

Edita aims to expand her business and also make her village known. She is sure that we can all create a job by staying in the village and living and creating right on the border.

Thoughts on culture, the problems of the sphere in Tavush region

The fourth topic of the ongoing discussions on Tavush TV is culture. We are presenting our compatriots’ ideas about the topic, and this opening program will be followed by a roundtable discussion.

The poor condition of the culture houses, the problem of the youth involvement, availability of the resources and environment… our interlocutors are highlighting the challenges facing the cultural development in Tavush, how to overcome them and their ideas about their roots.