The 14th ArmRobotics Armenian Championship was held in Dilijan

The 14th ArmRobotics Armenian Championship, named “Autonomous robots on a smart farm,” started on December 11 at Dilijan Central School. Since 2008, ArmRobotics has been organized by the Union of Advanced Technologies Enterprises in Armenia. ArmRobotics competition is an extraordinary platform to demonstrate the skills, abilities, and knowledge of the youth engaged in robotics and programming.

The competition field is a small agro-technological farm, where the robots created by the teams must solve professional problems using pre-programmed automatic solutions.

Teams from all the regions of Armenia, including Artsakh, participated in ArmRobotics-2022. Students of “Armat” engineering workshops, “Gyumri” development laboratory, and Yerevan State College of Informatics were involved in the teams.

The competition was sponsored by RA ESCS and ACBA Bank. The partners of the competition are the ZIG-ZAG trade network, the National Agrarian University of Armenia, and Dilijan Central School.