The Prototype of the Future. The first bid techno event in Noyemberyan with the initiative of ProtoLab

On August 20 and 21, ProtoLab techno-engineering laboratory held an event named “The Prototype of the Future.” It was a significant date, as one year ago, on August 20, four young people from Noyemberyan officially established the “ProtoLab” techno-engineering laboratory.

The main goal of organizing the event was to increase the interest of the youth in the field of IT. People who have achieved success in the field shared their stories about the obstacles, failures, and achievements and inspired more than 150 participants of the event. The participants were young people from the enlarged Noyemberyan community and other regions of the republic.

Lectures and panel discussions on IT, business, and startups were held during the two-day event. The speakers were IT professionals from Armenia. The two-day event was accompanied by national songs and dances.

ProtoLab is an IT startup. In 2020, four friends from Noyemberyan decided to stay in the region and establish a techno-engineering laboratory to contribute to the development of Armenia. ProtoLab was officially opened in 2021. After one year, the startup successfully provides 31d modeling and printing services.

The goal of establishing the ProtoLab was initially to provide income to stay in the region. The founders note that the goal was reshaped in the process; the motivation was not the income, but the service to the Homeland.
After the establishment of the ProtoLab, there have been noticeable changes in the life of the enlarged Noyemberyan community. Young people say that the older generation has started believing in the younger generation, and they no longer complain about them, and young people have started working on their skills more and are determined to achieve their goals and dreams. The boys are also excited because, following their example, many have started attending the Armath engineering laboratory.
The ProtoLab sets new benchmarks and proves that it is possible to create a technology company in border Noyemberyan.