The war as a Stress. An interview with Armen Bejanyan, Inga Harutyunyan, and Armen Soghoyan

“Any war, any terrorism physically affects a specific number of people, but psychologically affects the entire population… And not dealing with the mental health of the whole society is as dangerous as not dealing with physical and mental problems of specific people.”

In our pavilion, we talk with psychologist Armen Bejanyan, psychiatrist Armen Soghoyan, and director of “The Pahapan Development Fund,” psychologist Inga Harutyunyan about war as stress, stress management, and the negative consequences of living under chronic stress, psycho-physical diseases, and we also discuss the consequences of war; the reality of dealing with grief, how to live after a loss, the role of a psychologist as a supporter, when a psychiatrist needs to intervene, and how people, relatives, or society can help or hinder the bereaved.
This program is carried out under the “STRIVING for a better future. Community and Civil Society Resistance in Armenia” (STRIVE) program, which is co-financed by the European Union and implemented by NEF Belgium in partnership with “AGAT” Center for the Protection of Rights of Women with Disabilities NGO, “BLEJAN” Environmental, Social, Business Support NGO, “Dilijan Youth Cooperation Center” NGO and “Resource Center” Foundation for Women’s Development.