Terms of Use

Terms of use


General terms of access to the site: 





These terms of access to  https://tavushmedia.am/ (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) are legally binding a user agreement (hereinafter referred as “agreement”) of the Emergency Channel Information NGO and Tavush Media LLC and website user. 

The website is spread on the Internet, and it includes information, materials, data provided by Emergency Channel Information NGO, Tavush Media LLC, and third parties. 

The user’s access to the website means that the latter accepts and undertakes to comply with all the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement. 

The administration of the Website has the right to unilaterally change the content of the terms. The changes enter into force without any special notification from the moment they are posted on this website at this address. 


Terms of use of the materials posted on the Website 

  • All the information posted on the Website is the intellectual property of the Emergency Channel Information NGO and Tavush Media LLC and is protected by the RA. legislation.
  • Emergency Channel Information NGO and Tavush Media LLC are a person with exclusive rights to the mentioned information (except for the cases specifically mentioned in the content of the information posted on the Website and other terms of use specified in the agreement with the right holder) and represent the interests of the authors of the materials posted on the Website.  

The citation of the textual materials (literary works) published on the Website is allowed with the compulsory observance of the following conditions: 

  • The total size of the citation may not exceed 10% of the whole text. 
  • In the case of a quote, it is necessary to indicate the author of the text, the name of the company, and the address of the link.
  • Without the written permission of Emergency Channel Information NGO and Tavush Media LLC, any other use of articles, photos, illustrations, and other materials of the Website, including copying (including posting on media), reproduction (including reproduction for any other purposes, including observations), processing, dissemination, broadcasting, cable communication for general information, the transmission of universal information via the Internet in any other way is prohibited and leads to violation of the RA Law on Protection of Intellectual Property. 
  • The user undertakes to use the Website only for purposes that do not contradict the current legislation of the RA, as well as the principles of morality and intelligence. 

THE USER undertakes not to post any information of any kind, of any format or sending it through any website


  • Insults and threats to discredit other people, violations of citizens’ privacy or public order, which are of the nature of indecency, insult, violation of well-meaning rules,
  • state or other law-abiding information that contains public calls to commit or justify a terrorist act, other extremist materials, as well as pornography, materials promoting violence and cruelty, and containing another obscene language.
  • to a greater or less extent violating other people’s honor and dignity, business reputation, rights, and interests protected by law,
  • information containing calls for incitement to religious, racial, or ethnic animosity or incitement to violence,
  • any goods, services, jobs, and/or other products of the advertisement, including advertising materials, commercial offers addressed to an indefinite circle of people, links to the object of the advertisement, information of an advertising nature, 
  • other materials protected by intellectual property law (including copyright, trademark law, etc.), and protected by law, without the proper permission of the copyright holder.

General provisions regarding donation:

  • The donations made through the Website will be used to implement the events within the framework of the “Resilient and Safe Tavush” project.
  • Annual reports of the funds used for the implementations of the projects will be posted on the Website, which can be found at https://tavushmedia.am/dimakayun-tavush/hashvetvuthyunner/ 

Terms of use of the donation operator available on the Website:

  • When using the donation function, the user has the right to mention one’s name or remain as an anonymous donor.
  • The user has the opportunity to carry out automated and regular donations, as well as one-time donations.